FinTech Commons is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit corporation founded by Tim Duncan, an attorney, tech entrepreneur and former Head of Technology at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


Tim Duncan JD, CFA

Tim is an experienced and innovative leader in technology, business strategy, law and policy.

He is a successful tech entrepreneur, C-level executive, policy advocate and attorney and also a Certified Financial Analyst with experience in finance ranging from financial derivatives to consumer finance.  

After selling a successful tech company he had founded, Tim was driven to “give back” to the country that enabled his success.


In 2007 he was offered the opportunity to work with (now) Senator Elizabeth Warren on the Dodd Frank Bill which created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. After Dodd Frank was signed into law, Tim joined the Obama Administration as Head of Technology at the CFPB.

At the CFPB, Tim came to realize that there was a tremendous opportunity and need to use technology to deliver consumer services to traditionally underserved communities.

Since leaving the CFPB, Tim has worked with organizations to develop and deliver new and innovative technology-driven services, develop strategies and advocate for policies supporting more equitable access to technology, information and data. He has extensive advocacy experience in print, radio and television.

Why work with Tim and FinTech Commons ?

Tim's background and experience includes technology, finance, entrepreneurship , advocacy, law and policy.  The complexity of inclusive technology development and policy often requires a unique combination of these kinds of expertise for an organization to achieve its goals.

FinTech Commons inc is a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit organization.