About FinTech Commons

FinTech Commons works with nonprofit organizations and their corporate and philanthropic supporters to lead the digital transformation of inclusive finance.


We help develop strategies, match  resources with opportunities and drive projects that are potentially game-changing in nature for the community. 

Founded in early 2019, FinTech Commons is already working with many of the most successful, well-known and innovative financial impact organizations in the United States to address the important challenge of adopting data-driven technology in their work.

The firms we are working with provide financial services, guidance and counseling to more than 10 million underserved families in the US through dozens of direct and indirect programs including government programs in over two-dozen major cities. 

Who We Work With

Private Sector Companies

Companies need to become responsible stewards of the data they use and control and manage the operational, regulatory and reputational risks related to their applications of technology. Demonstrating responsible and sustainable use of data and technology is quickly becoming a key part of corporate social responsibility for companies involved in technology, data and financial services.   


We match companies with projects and initiatives in inclusive finance that are in keeping with their overall goals and objectives and that have material and measurable outcomes. Companies can go beyond monetary contributions and provide their expertise, technology, data and other resources in ways that best meet their needs.

•    Help companies develop and implement strategies to support the use of data and technology in inclusive finance.
•    Initiate and source opportunities to participate in impact projects and initiatives that are compatible and related to their strategic objectives and ESG principles.
•    Work with executive, legal, IP, tech and media teams to develop a framework for working with impact organizations.
•    Provide leadership and coordination for all phases of project development and delivery to assure that projects deliver value to the intended targets.

Inclusive Finance
Nonprofits and Philanthropies

While artificial intelligence, big data and other new technologies are radically transforming entire industries, little has been done to use these tools to develop useful applications in the public interest. The private sector, governments, large NGOs and philanthropic organizations have begun dedicating resources to change this.

Impact organizations and their supporters in inclusive finance understand the problems that need to be solved and have deep and broad experience in fulfilling their mission. This expertise is the essential component of building successful applications of advanced technology.​

We work with nonprofit organizations and philanthropic supporters of inclusive finance to help them navigate digital transformation by developing new strategies, matching resources and opportunities and supporting specific projects that are potentially game-changing in nature.


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