Policy Research

> Provide research, due diligence and analysis  of state and federal legislation, regulatory developments  including  trends and direction in the political/regulatory environment.

> Identify issue stakeholders, thought leaders and influencers and understand their positions.


Position Development

> Work with organizations to formulate innovative policy initiatives that support and encourage the use of technology to improve  people’s financial lives, health and wellbeing.


Advocacy and Communications

> Develop and implement communications plans to advance and support policy initiatives.

> Communicate and advocate for policy initiatives with stakeholders including public interest groups, and policymakers through policy papers, blog posts, op-eds, press releases, events, testimony, agency comments, and legal memoranda as appropriate.

> Develop collaborative relationships and form coalitions with nonprofits, advocates, academics, technologists, companies and communities to support and advance policy initiatives.



Product Development

Market Awareness

> Discover and monitor emerging innovative business models, technologies and trends relating to using technology to deliver services for underserved consumers, markets and communities.

> Identify promising opportunities and develop viable business cases.

Product Strategy

> Provide thought leadership and support decision-making, strategy and planning around new products, services and investments.

> Evaluate legal, compliance and reputational risks.

> Identify opportunities for collaboration and partnerships with others supporting underserved consumers and communities.

Communications and Positioning

> Help organizations position themselves and demonstrate that they are providing fair and competitive services to underserved consumers with inclusive technology.