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Founded in early 2019, FinTech Commons is already working with many of the most successful, well-known and innovative financial impact organizations in the United States to address the important challenge of adopting data-driven technology in their work.

We will be reaching out for support in early 2020 to continue to grow and expand what has already proven to be a trans-formative, innovative and essential resource.

The firms we are working with provide financial services, guidance and counseling to more than 10 million underserved families in the US through dozens of direct and indirect programs including government programs in over two-dozen major cities. 


While the level of professionalization at financial impact organizations has grown rapidly over the past decade with vastly improved training, quality control, and services along with better and more quantifiable outcomes for clients, these organizations face a huge challenge keeping pace with the new data-driven and digitally delivered financial services industry along with a new generation of clients who have been raised on the Internet and mobile delivery. 

While financial support is essential, we also want to begin to work closely with companies in the private sector who can contribute expertise, technology and data to our platform and our projects.


Responsible and sustainable use of data and technology is quickly becoming a key part of companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and companies have a huge opportunity to lead and distinguish themselves by joining the ai Financial Commons platform and will become trusted and recognized leaders in driving responsible and sustainable applications of artificial intelligence and data.